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Giulietti 126 bass B system accordion

This superb Italian converter accordion would normally retail at well in excess of £15000 making this a rare opportunity to pick one up at a fraction of that price. It would be an ideal upgrade to a first concert instrument for anyone already playing this type of accordion or looking to add free bass to their repertoire of accordion techniques.

This is a fully functioned chromatic button accordion with four voices and double cassotto in the right hand and a free bass convertor system in the left hand.

A very versatile accordion suited to many different styles. I have used this accordion to play at many weddings, parties and even TV appearances and sounds equally convincing playing French musette, Argentinian tango, eastern European folk, classical and may other styles.

A standard bass button accordion with these features would still cost nearly (often more than) double this price making it worth a look even if you had no intention of using the free bass. It is supplied with a pair of padded Italian made straps and a padded Italian gig bag. It isn’t often that an accordion of this type and quality becomes available second hand and without having to wait many months for it to be built.

If you want to find out more about this fabulous accordion, please get in touch.

Giulietti 126 bass B system accordion

Listen to this Giulietti 126 bass B system accordion

I thought you might like to hear me playing this great  instrument.